Cantilever MK93 Bracket

Functional Reliability

This Bracket is strong, functional, and easy to install on the MK93 Heavy Machine-gun Mounting System. It's unique design and shape allows for maximum deflection of the weapon itself. It provides excellent shock and vibration mitigation to the attached searchlight/laser components. We have several searchlights mounts that can be affixed directly or via Picatinney Rail. This bracket can accommodate other manufacturer's devices as well.

Military Specification Compatible

Precision Design

Shock Isolation Bracket is designed to place the Searchlight in the Optimal Position while maintaining Maximum Deflection of the Weapon itself.


  • Operator can quickly exchange the weapon and/or the barrel without having to disconnect/re-connect the illumination system.
  • With our unique design, the weapon can be fully depressed when used in conjunction with the Picatinny Objective Gunner Protection Kit (OBPK) as well as other protective shield systems.
  • Our MK93 Cantilever bracket takes advantage of the intrinsic recoil attenuation of the MK93 mount, thereby reducing shock and vibration to the searchlight itself.
  • Custom configurations available for other weapons platforms.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum or Titanium construction material options available.

System Information

Product Specifications

Click below to download the Specification Sheet for the MK93 Mounting System.

Download PDF Specification Sheet

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