HID Searchlight

Modular Construction

The heart of this System is a modular searchlight whose components can be changed to meet the operational requirements of the situation.

Users can configure the system with (2) different tail cap options (in-line charging/no in-line charging), internal or no internal battery, digital programming user defined for switch and searchlight function as altered through a USB interface, no filter, or (2) IR Filter configurations, (one with a protective cover, one without).

Multiple mounting, cabling and external power source options are available.

Smart Power

Proven Reliability

When attached to one of many possible external power sources, the searchlight will intelligently switch to internal battery power (if installed) should that external power be exhausted, diminished or removed.


  • Multi-Power (50W max) High Intensity Discharge (HID
  • Instant Strike/Re-Strike
  • Fixed Beam Focus
  • Programmable, Digital AC Ballast
  • High / Low / Strobe Modes
  • Master ON/OFF | Toggle ON/OFF | Remote ON/OFF
  • Low EMI Signature
  • Digital Thermal Regulation
  • Excellent Water-Tight Integrity
  • High Efficiency Reflector
  • Gold-Plated Reflector Option to Maximize IR
  • Multiple Mounting Options


  • 5,200 Max Lumens
  • 2,500 Hour Lamp Life
  • 75 Min Run Time on Internal Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (5,500 mAh)
  • Accepts Direct DC External Power Input from 10-30V
  • Intelligent Auto Power Switching
  • Collimated Beam: 3-degrees
  • Uncollimated: 20-degrees
  • Color Temp: 4300K
  • IR Filter 850 nm Semi-Covert
  • Finish: Type III Hard Anodized
  • All Body Components are CNC Machined

Fixed Beam Advantage

Long-Arc Coverage

Unlike other lighting systems that involve the requirement of either manually or remotely “rotating the bezel” in order to provide either a narrow beam of bright light or a wide beam of pale light, the Night Reaper’s™ perfectly pre-focused, long-arc Xenon-Metal gas-filled lamp and reflector provide a consistently intense beam that illuminates vast areas over great distances at the same time.

Optimal visibility

We believe Focus to Spot is not a Capability but a Liability

On any given illumination tool using a reflector, there is only one optimal focal point. Systems (generally short-arc systems) that have 'Flood to Spot', modes have a small window of fidelity/clarity contained in their overall beam signature. It's usually in the 1 to 2 degrees of arc range. These systems, have a relatively small area of coverage down range which is not optimal when trying to locate and identify hostile threats in the environment. The name of the game is fastest possible location of these threats so the next set of decisions can be acted upon. The tighter/smaller the area of coverage also means if the vehicle is moving and the target is also moving, operator's will experience extreme difficulty keeping threats under observation. Additionally, the tighter/smaller the beam, the greater the possibility of additional off-angle threats remaining unchecked.

Some systems claim to address the need for a wider coverage by offering a 'Flood' mode.

What is actually happening is the already small volume of light from a short-arc system is now spread out over a larger area and to compound problems, the beam signature is out of focus and the reflector is less-efficient in terms of providing proper emission of light because the lamp assembly has been moved out of place to achieve the 'Flood'.

Long-Arc Advantage

The Long Arc of the Night Reaper™ with provide the operator with 140 meters of lateral Coverage at a distance of 400 Meters. Therefore, personnel can be located at much greater distances depending on ground and atmospheric conditions. The lateral coverage increases as well.

On the other hand, a typical 60-85W Short Arc system will give you only 4 meters of Lateral coverage at the same distance when the beam has reasonable coherence. This means potential targets of interest represented in the RED cone are not observable in low-light conditions. Resulting in a nullification of the actual usefulness of the so-called 'Flood' mode. When the searchlight is 'Flooded', one will observe large, gaping dark rings and holes in the downrange coverage and the overall situational awareness is severely degraded. Any medium or long range threat capability disappears. One would be better off not energizing the searchlight at this point, which is only serving to mark your position for incoming fire.

Long / Short Arc Beam Comparison

Battlefield Worthy Illumination Systems

Military Tested, Military Approved

The searchlight has been subjected to wide variety of shock and vibration, environmental, EMI, longevity and practical reliability tests.

HID Searchlight USMC Prototype Testing

Brutal Shock and Impact Testing

System Information

Product Specifications

Download the Specification Sheet for the HID Searchlight below.

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