Strategies of Low Light Engagements

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This 130-page manual is the culmination of 30 years of practical operational and training experience, densely packed I to a step-by-step, precept upon precept approach to operating in Low-Light Environments. Upon purchase a Download Link will be sent to your Email address within 24 hours.

This Low-Light Manual is the culmination of 30 years of practical, operational, and training experience – densely packed into a 130-page step-by-step, precept upon precept approach to operating in Low-Light Environments. The Author, Ken J. Good, a former Navy SEAL, literally wrote the book on this unique topic. The manual is specifically written for Law Enforcement professionals, but individuals that carry firearms for professional security, executive or self-protection will directly benefit from the knowledge contained in this work. You will be presented with a well-honed progression of Principles and Foundational concepts that underpin the Strategies and Techniques required to consistently prevail in Low Light situations.

In the late 1980’s Force-on-Force training was initially emerging, it became apparent to Mr. Good that no doctrine addressing the totality of fighting at night utilizing white light tools in conjunction with weapons in a professional capacity actually existed. Yes, there were a few named handgun-flashlight techniques, but that in no way, shape or form encompassed the myriad of practical questions and more importantly solutions required to prevail. After years of experimentation, constant training, and plenty of real world feedback, the Doctrine emerged as it sits today. Mr. Good has been instrumental in starting the landslide of specific training for these situations as well as developing unique and effective illumination tools to meet the challenges. Mr. Good’s research and product development lead to the first commercially available, handheld strobe feature to be contained in LED flashlight. He holds a patent as an inventor of said device. It's important to have the best tool possible for the task at hand and the tools available for use are constantly improving. That being said, it is imperative to have accurate, time-tested doctrine, supported by proper principle and technique in order to leverage that tool to its’ maximum possible potential.

“There is no free lunch”. Once must train and train intelligently. This manual will serve as useful roadmap as you navigate through the myriad of options, eliminate that which is not useful and ultimately perfect your skill. Mr. Good was the founding Director of the SureFire Institute and later moved on to head several training companies to further present training in this arena. He is still active in this capacity through Progressive Combat Solutions.

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