Highest Quality Handheld Searchlight

Handheld 50W HID - Multi-Output (High / Medium / Low) - 5,200+ Max Output

US Manufactured Handheld HID Searchlight.

We are busting through some barriers with this offering. We are taking the lessons learned from our Night Reaper CSWL design and manufacturing experiences, and pouring into a user-friendly, handheld HID Searchlight for the serious professional and those 'flashaholics' out there!

  • High - Med - Low Power and Modes - Strobe Mode Available Upon Request
  • 5,200 Lumens of Brilliant White Light - User Replaceable Lamp Assembly
  • Programmable AC Digital Ballast
  • Aircraft-grade CNC Aluminum Body Components / Scratch Resistant Type III Hard Anodizing in Black & OD Green
  • Optional Colors Available upon Request - Type II Anodized
  • 5200 mAH Internal Battery - No Parasitic Power Drain - Fuel Gauge
  • 1-Year Warranty on Impact Resistant Battery
  • High Efficiency Smooth Reflector
  • User Replaceable Lamp Assembly
  • Optional High Quality Filters Frames with Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, UV, IR